artist profile: a fine frenzy

ARTIST: a fine frenzy (aka: alison sudol)
GENRE: girly piano-pop
WWW: /
SUMMARY: as a guy, i’ve come to the understanding that sometimes, you’re going to have to put your balls aside and appreciate what she’s going to like, and sometimes, every so often, you’re going to surprise yourself. i can’t remember when i first heard about her. i think it was during one of those late night shows, probably craig ferguson (‘coz he is fucking hilarious),  and i thought to myself… man, this could be tori amos’ no-baggage little sister, and look at that smile — i bet she shits rainbows!straight up infectious piano-pop, earnest sounding, and easily some of the most a fine frenzy shirtadorable music videos out there today. i like the whole handheld camera deal in the “almost lover” video (the 2nd version directed by the nee brothers, linked below — seriously, check it out. you’re gonna crush on her.) honestly alison, if you’re out there, i just want you to know that i will totally date you (sorry emily, please don’t hit me).

A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover

A Fine Frenzy – Come On, Come Out

A Fine Frenzy – Blow Away

2 thoughts on “artist profile: a fine frenzy

  1. wilt- says:

    <3 alison sudol.

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