ninjavideo shutdown. alternatives?

edit @ friday, july 9th: is BACK, but currently under maintenance. their server probably fried due to the spike in traffic.

if you haven’t heard, quite possibly the best and most reliable divx streaming site — — was taken down by the feds. you can read about it here.

other sites that got raided and taken down include:

  • Movies-Links.TV

so what does this mean for everyone who depended on ninjavideo for their tv and movie fix?

i hate you break it to you, but there was really no other site as reliable and as dedicated as the people who ran the website itself was always updated nightly with new tv shows, documentaries, and movies, the moment they were released by the ‘scene’ — closely keeping pace with sites like to stay on top of all the new releases. regardless of how you personally felt about the people who ran ninjavideo  (if you ever go onto the forums, as an outsider looking in, they really did — probably accidentally — foster a cult-like mentality. if you go against any admin, you were met with some severe reprimands. though, they probably dealt with countless retards on the internet, so i don’t really blame them), the site itself was a mainstay for a lot of people — especially people like me who work most evenings and cannot catch prime time shows. most tv channels now offer streaming on their website, but they generally don’t put these streams up until days and sometimes weeks after they aired. ninjavideo was video-on-demand the way it was meant to be.

what are the alternatives to

there are a few, but if you really want the ninjavideo experience… with it’s timely updates, organisation, and reliability, i’m sorry to say, but those sites are far and few between. due to the nature of divx streaming, the bandwidth costs are prohibitive, so most sites rely on flash streams. i have come across a few sites that share many of the qualities of ninjavideo (and part of me wants to keep it to myself because i don’t want these sites getting shut down either… but i have a feeling whether i write this or not, everyone will be looking for alternatives, and these sites will have more and more exposure as people get over the loss of their beloved ninjavideo site.)

i will do my best to update this article regularly as i find other reliable streaming sites. – clean, well organised, and is relatively new. by far, the most reliable divx streamer out there, but unlike ninjavideo, they do not have the bandwidth capacity to stream to countless people, so they have a queuing system with a rotating number of ‘free slots’, where you’ll need to refresh to get your stream. however, if you pay a small fee, you can always get access whenever you want. as the site grows, i have a feeling that these free slots will become more and more rare. we’ll see how this experiment goes, but if you loved ninjavideo, this may be the closest surrogate available at the moment. UNDER MAINTENANCE 07/10/10). – upstarts hammering twitter right now, advertising themselves as the premiere replacement for — that remains t0 be seen. at first glance, looks like they’re updating very regularly, and i would not be surprised if the same people behind ninjavideo are behind this one. (as it turns out, VOD, the admin has told me they are not at all related to ninjavideo.) definitely worth checking out. very nicely organised and provides alternative links where possible. run by people who clearly care about what they’re doing. – icefilms has been around for a while. influenced by ninjavideo, they’ve started to come out with ‘daily lineups’, so it’s a great place to check out regularly as they will post shows as quickly as possible after they’ve aired. the site’s well organised, though a little cluttered. unfortunately, all videos are hosted on megaupload. you’ll need to either install a greasemonkey script or use their bookmarklet to watch most videos. click here for instructions. – regularly updated with a clean, wordpress-driven interface. unfortunately, they mostly only carry flash streams… and all videos are hosted offsite, so they stand a much better chance of surviving the mpaa onslaught. – a clone of basically, these crafty people just backed up their database, and moved the site onto an entirely new domain. it’s the internet. you can’t stop it. – a social networking site where links can be added to episodes to shows for free streaming. it can be somewhat unreliable because streaming sites go up and down all the time, but if you’re looking for a place to find alternate streaming links, this is probably the best site out there. it’s towing the fine line between legal and illegal many links are to legitimate broadcasters and their services, while most user-submitted links are pirated copies. – and if you get really desperate, ovguide is pretty much the google of streaming video. organised into categories. and a collection of pretty much every streaming video site on the internet. go here to keep up to date on all the streaming sites available on the internet.

if you have other favourite sites, please share them in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “ninjavideo shutdown. alternatives?

  1. turkey says:

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this
    website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for
    you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

  2. nomad says:

    video cluster says it has no resources so I should wait until a space becomes available, and the page will automatically refresh. I wait. I wait. O joy, 2 spaces. I try again, and hey…we are free, we have no space for you, just sit there and wait…OR give us some money and you can vidocluster forever…Megavideo is more honest about you signing up.
    I am waiting for a better replacement for ninjavideo.

  3. lisa m. says:

    Another divx streaming site is

  4. EvilMonkeyVC says:

    VideoCluster has become a premium private underground site for stability and security reasons.

  5. SoberJoe says:

    This is SoberJoe a current moderator at ninjavideo and I also run the current official blog While yes the main site was taken down there was and still is a huge community behind Ninja Video. We will be bringing the forum back up very soon so to find out when that happens and other info check out our twitter @saveninjavideo and the blog (the link above). Those “dedicated people” are still here and in we are here to stay. Yes on the forums when a 1 post wonder asked “when are you going to post…” it was met with with a swift “read the rules and come back when your ready” but we had over 70k+ members (if I remember correctly…) Most were contributers in more ways than one whether it be the CnD section or the Arts section. For any questions on how to help or for more information on the Legal Fund feel free to contact me at saveninjavideo at gmail dot com

  6. Jimmy Knocks says: is a decent site, check it out.

  7. yeah, quite possibly. if videocluster didn’t get shut down by the feds, they were probably shut down by their hosting company. a lot of people were looking for ninjavideo replacements (and still are), and i’m pretty sure the spike in traffic may have been more than they could handle… gonna give it another week before removing them from the list. or until i get some official word from any of their admins.

  8. dmlk says:

    no, videocluster is still out.. another victim ?

  9. PiraCee says:

    @ Your Boyfriend
    The site went down due to a traffic spike. this has now been fixed and it’s business as usual.

  10. i hope you guys didn’t get merked. i noticed re1ease and videocluster are both inaccessible at the moment (2:31am, tuesday).

  11. Nicholas says:

    I have been with NINJA since the beginning don’t give up hope Ninjas are fast,sleek and will always survive.

  12. Vod says:

    Thanks for the link in the article linking to
    We have been update very regularly since sep-2008 and allow moderated user submissions.
    We are not same people behind ninjavideo, but some of our founding members and active contributors left their ~2008.

    Found the blog, via refferer’s. Thanks for write up. See you on the forums.

  13. libby says:

    such bullshit, man…

  14. Len Sosma says:

    Oh no… when I tried to access Ninjavideo the other day, I thought it was just temporarily down… then it stayed down and Google brought me here. Sucks they shut it down. Hopefully some of these alternative sites can live up to what NinjaVideo did,… thanks for the hook up. Great post. I personally would have saved them for myself in fear of other great sites being shut down… but like you said, its the internet. They can’t win. Haha!

  15. marta says:

    rip ninjavideo. was good while it lasted.

    but thanks for all the sites! videocluster and look like they’ll be my new places to go.

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